Dramatically Boost Your Pipeline with Events

The Tremendous Potential of Industry Tradeshows and Events for Demand Gen and Marketing ROI

Tradeshows and other live events should be at the heart of the B2B demand generation engine.  No other campaign in the marketing arsenal can deliver the volume of highly qualified leads as quickly and efficiently as properly planned and executed events.  Think about it:  Events bring together a pool of thousands or even tens of thousands of pre-qualified buyers, actively seeking solutions to their problems– solutions like yours. Marketing teams that understand how to capitalize on their event participation are able to rapidly add volumes of highly qualified opportunities to the pipeline. 

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"WinFirst ran a high impact program that drove a huge number of qualified leads to our booth, and set us up for significant pipeline contribution during the post-show follow-up."
Travers Stewart
Sakura International

Most Companies undervalue events (giving you the potential to win big!)

Filling the pipeline with events should be easy, but for a myriad of reasons most companies are unable to capitalize on their participation.  Events are hard work, involving tons of moving parts.  They require careful planning of people, vendors and materials.  With so much on marketing’s plate, it is usually too difficult to execute shows with excellence.  Inevitably tradeoffs are made, and results are suboptimal.  Because this is the norm, the potential for events to be a core driver of pipeline creation is often missed. 

Because of this general industry-wide attitude toward events, companies that know how to do events right gain a HUGE opportunity to win.  And in the case of events, winning means delivering a fresh haul of highly qualified opportunities to the business and achieving sky-high ROI on the marketing budget. 

WinFirst Events – A Proven Method for Optimizing Events for Demand Gen

At WinFirst, our expertise is in leveraging events for maximum opportunity creation and ROI.   For our clients, we apply a unique approach to the planning and execution of their event participation, allowing them to confidently meet and exceed their demand gen goals.  We help you stand out, drive more traffic, qualify more leads and deliver more opportunities to the business.

Our event services cover the full range of activities, each one optimized for maximum ROI impact:

  • Show selection, based on WinFirst analysis of expected ROI
  • Show strategy, theme selection, and gameplan for impact
  • Pre-show planning, covering all aspects of event participation and pre-show prospect outreach
  • In-show execution, with focus on booth traffic and qualification
  • Post show opportunity creation, and prospect nurturing
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