System Design


Establish The Foundation For Outstanding ROI

WinFirst Demand Generation: A Winning System

The success of any marketing campaign or tactic rests on the underlying system that defines how leads enter and flow through the funnel, from the initial lead through to the close of a new deal. The volume of leads, the effectiveness of lead qualification, the conversion rates, and the overall deal velocity are all factors that determine the success of the demand generation operation. Given the significant impact of improvements to one or more of these factors can have, investments in demand gen system design typically yield the best ROI. 

Thus, at WinFirst our client engagements begin with the demand gen system itself. For start-ups or businesses entering a new market, we help design new systems from scratch, allowing clients to quickly establish an integrated marketing and sales system that can deliver on the goals and plans of the business.   For companies in the market, we assist in the re-design of existing systems, helping them find ways to improve and achieve excellence in demand gen.

All of our client projects entail the delivery of an interactive business model, customized for the client’s products, market and go-to-market strategy.  The WinFirst model becomes an essential tool for the planning and ongoing management of the demand gen operations. 

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